Home Appraisal; Does Cleanliness Matter?


A professional property appraiser will tell you that cleanliness alone does not affect home appraisals, because cleanliness is simply not on the appraisal checklist.  A clean, fresh smelling home is delightful, but what does it really say about the value of the home?  Absolutely nothing, because a home with little or no upgrades or outstanding features can be clean.  Conversely, a fully upgraded home with several cool features can be dirty.  If the same value is given to both homes, we’ll take the upgraded home and have it cleaned right before we move in right?

Some real estate professionals, however, believe that home appraisers subconsciously take cleanliness into account as they peruse a home.  Cleanliness won’t be checked-off or written in the notes, but maybe it gives the appraise a better overall feel about the home.  Appraisers are human, so there is some validity to this argument.

In any event, here are some things we think everyone should do before their home gets appraised.

  • Putting out some bagels with cream cheese, chips and guacamole, and lemonade won’t say an appraiser with integrity, but why not do it anyway?  It’s a really inexpensive way to put him or her in a good mood.
  • Provide your appraiser with a list of comps in your neighborhood.  The appraiser will do this on his her her own as well, but maybe you are privy to a few comps that aren’t listed on the MLS.  If you need help with this process, we are here.
  • Even though the jury is still out on the importance of cleanliness, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly clean your home.  If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, hire a professional cleaner.  We are confident you’ll get that money back.
  • We also recommend touching up any unsightly marks on walls, baseboards, doors, etc. with the appropriate paint.
  • Provide your appraiser with a list of upgrades and awesome home features.

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