The Best Closing Gift for a Home Buyer

boca raton real estate

Most real estate agents give their seller and buyer clients a gift upon closing of a real estate transaction.  It’s a way for the realtor to say thank  you for trusting me help you accomplish your real estate goals.  I can tell you from personal experience that not all realtors do this.  I can’t imagine why not, but they don’t.  Some realtors give expensive and elaborate gifts, while some agents will send a fruit basket.  I’m not discounting a fruit basket at all, by the way.  I’m simply explaining the range of gifts, which is certainly in direct correlation with the dollar value of the transaction.  In any case, a gift should be give as a token of appreciation.  I think we can all agree that that’s good form and good business.

Deana and I have decided to offer our buyer clients something that is not only valuable, but also particularly helpful to someone after purchasing a new home.  We are offering complimentary professional interior design services as a closing gift to clients that allow us to help them find the home of their dreams.  Being a talented, educated, and experienced interior designer, Deana will help our clients get settled in their new home.  Even if a client is an interior designer or design aficionado, a second opinion and meeting of the artistic minds would be very beneficial.  Can any realtor offer this as a closing gift?  Sure, but do they know anything about interior design?  You can see a small sample of Deana’s work by clicking here.

Please feel free to contact for more information about this.  You can submit your inquiries to us directly from our contact page, or you can email us at and call us at 561-445-1846.


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