Barbara Corcoran, Former Real Estate Queen

Barbara Corcoran Video Interview

I love this short interview with Barbara Corcoran, because she makes huge success in real estate seem so simple.  According to her, the only difference between her agents that made $40 grand per year and the ones that made $7 million per year was an ability to accept rejection and keep going.  She says it wasn’t about their contacts, salesmanship, or how hard they worked.  In the end, it simply came down to how well they could “take the hit” and immediately move on to the next call.

What I love even more about this video is that real estate agents don’t have to be apathetic and void of emotion in order to be tough and persistent.  According to Barbara, the passionate agents were the 7 million dollar performers due to their unwavering drive to succeed.  The rejection was actually felt very deeply by these agents, and it affected them to a certain extent. However, they forged ahead because they had to prove to themselves and everyone else that they could excel and accomplish great things.

I do think that it also helps to be talented and knowledgable as well, and I’m sure most of her top performers were.  Landing real estate clients is only pat of the equation right?  An agent must also be an asset to sellers and buyers, and ensure that they achieve  their real estate goals entirely.

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