Real Estate Buyer Testimonial

I just thought I’d share this email we received today from a current buyer client.

Dear Andy and Deana,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for your dedication in helping us find a home.  Your combined knowledge of the area, professionalism, and patience makes us aware that we choose the right real estate team.  Between the two of you, there has always been someone to answer our questions, or show us a home at the drop of a hat, and we greatly appreciate that.  

In addition, it has been so helpful in hearing Deana’s remodeling and design ideas as we walk through the different houses.  It’s not always easy to visualize the potential of a home, but she has a talent for giving us a clear picture of the potential of each property that we have looked at together.

I am grateful to have you two on our team working towards finding our dream home, and have every confidence that we can make this happen for our family.

Have an awesome day.

Melissa Steg

How can we help you achieve your real estate and home design goals?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests you may have.  You can submit your inquiries to us directly from our contact page, or you can email us at and call us at 001-561-445-1846.

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