Foreign Real Estate Investment


I have been involved in International business virtually my entire career, and I have forged solid business and personal relationships with hundreds of people from countries all over the world.  Being that foreigners are now heavily investing in the South Florida real estate market, this is a huge opportunity for Deana and I.  Not only do I have existing relationships with many people abroad that might want to invest in South Florida real estate, but I also understand their varying cultures, values, behaviors, and global perspectives.  If you think those things aren’t important in international business, then you’ve never attended a business meeting in The United Arab Emirates.

I’ve met with customers in cities such as Dubai, Johannesburg, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Prague, Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Dusseldorf (Germany), and many more.  I’ve had dinner meetings with vendors from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Santiago (Chile), Caracas (Venezuela), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and others.  People are very similar in many ways, but also a lot different in other ways.  Knowing how to conduct yourself with people from different parts of the world can absolutely be the difference between success and failure.  It’s the same old business cliche you hear time and time again, which is “all other things being equal”, people are going to do business with people they like”.  If you don’t cater your presentation and overall behavior according to the expectations of your international client, they may not like you right?

I’m certainly going to start reaching out to all of my international colleagues to see if they want to invest in the very healthy South Florida real estate market.  If you live abroad and are reading this blog post right now, please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you may have.  You can submit your inquiries to me directly from our home page at, or you can email me at and call me at 001-561-445-1846.

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