New Real Estate & Home Design Brand


We removed “Andy and Deana Gilbert, Boca Raton Realtors” from the headline of our website, and replaced it with the Hibiscus Home, Real Estate and Home Design logo.  Why did we do that?  Because we’re not just realtors, and we need a cool brand that encapsulates all that we have to offer to our clients.  Huge kudos to Deana for coming up with the name and designing the awesome logo.

Last night, we showed a house to a buyer client which appeared to be really nice from the MLS images.  When we arrived, our customer was completely underwhelmed not only by the bizarre paint colors and window treatments, but the overall layout as well.  The house was fairly segmented, so they were having a hard time visualizing the potential from a layout standpoint.  In addition, they knew they didn’t like the current decor of the house, and making the necessary changes seemed like a daunting task to them.  With her interior design expertise, Deana was able to share some ideas with our client that would completely open up the home and change the decor from bleak to chic.

Don’t most realtors offer design suggestions to their clients?  Probably, but are they actually being helpful or just trying to sell a house?  Are they really qualified to offer helpful renovation and design tips?   suppose some agents would say “interior design is personal and subjective, so education and experience isn’t necessary”.  If that were the case, why would people pay interior designers good money to show them which pillows would look best on their sofa.  We know that happens, because Deana has many very satisfied interior design customers.

Deana and I have a ton of professional sales and marketing experience with large corporations and in entrepreneurial environments as well.  All of the training and work experience in those arenas has afforded us with the requisite sales, customer service, marketing, organization, and people skills to provide the highest level of real estate service to our clients.  We’ve even discussed offering search engine optimization and other marketing services and/or training to real estate agents that may not be as proficient in those areas.

There are other areas within the real estate spectrum that we want to be involved with, such as home staging and perhaps real estate development somewhere down the road.  The great thing is that we’re extremely interested in real estate and home renovation and design to the extent that we talk about it even where we’re supposedly not working.  We’ve even gotten to the point where we watch HGTV more than any other channel on our TV with the one million channel lineup.  Our future in the real estate business is bright, and we hope Hibiscus Home Real Estate and Home Design will help a lot of people realize their own real estate dreams.

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