Camino Gardens, Boca Raton

Camino Gardens

The houses in Camino Gardens are not very big and storage space is often lacking, but I read an article today on the Florida Realtors Association website that touches on one of the many appealing things about the East Boca Raton Neighborhood.  The article is essentially about the rising demand for houses in neighborhoods that are both close to good schools and walkable as well.  As I read the article, I learned that walkable meant within walking distance to shopping, dining, etc.  Apparently, older generations are more interested in houses that are close to good schools, while millennials think that living in a walkable neighborhood trumps all.

According to the article, only about 14% of US neighborhoods are near good schools, walkable, and affordable all at the same time.  This low supply, along with the aforementioned high demand is obviously causing the home prices to soar.  This is good news for people that already live in a good school zone and can walk to the local pub.  Camino Gardens is close to Addison Mizner Elementary School, Boca Raton High School, Saint Paul Lutheran School, and Saint Joan of Arc Catholic School, which are all excellent.  Furthermore, Camino Gardens residents can take a brisk walk to a myriad and shops, bars, restaurants, and other places such as the Fresh Market, Pizza Time Restaurant, Publix, TD Bank, Trader Joe’s, Royal Palm Place, and Mizner Park to name a few.

From a real estate investment perspective, Camino Gardens residents have made a great choice.  I’m sure most of the residents are already in a positive equity position, and enjoying the fact that it will most likely improve even more moving forward.  Meanwhile, they can also send their children to top-notch schools and walk to Saquella Cafe for breakfast on Sunday.  The neighborhoods of Palm Beach Farms, Camino Lakes, Carriage Hill, Royal Oak Hills, and Boca Raton Square are also in the same vicinity and roughly in the same price range.  However, heading up the Camino Gardens Boulevard Hill and down onto Camino Real is the quickest and easiest route to downtown Boca Raton.

If you are a current resident of Camino Gardens, and would like a free, no-obligation analysis of the value of your home, please feel free to visit our “What is My Home Worth” Page.  You can also email us at, or call us at 561-445-1846.  If you want to live in Camino Gardens, we can make that happen for you as well.  Please contact us and we will provide you with a detailed list of homes currently for sale.

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