Re-Marketing Targets Buyers for Your Home


One of the marketing tools I have used in my professional career over the years with great success is re-marketing.  Re-marketing is an internet based marketing tactic that allows us to pinpoint and target audiences that we know are already somewhat interested in what we have to sell, which is of course your house.


Through our Google Adwords account, we can create a single ad about your home for sale in Boca Raton.  When someone searches online for a home in Boca Raton, our ad will appear at the top of the first Google search results page.  The buyer will click on our ad and be taken to a page within our website with images and further details regarding your house.  We can also do essentially the same thing through our Facebook Page to target potential buyers that are using social media to find a home.

Getting potential buyers to visit our pages with information about your home is simple, but it’s only part of the process.  Re-marketing takes place when those buyers leave our pages and continue shopping elsewhere.  As they visit other internet sites, the ad that we created and they clicked on will appear on those other sites.  This is extremely effective, because it keeps reminding them about your home as they continue to shop around.  Just because they left one of our pages about your home  to shop elsewhere doesn’t mean they’re no longer interested in your home.  We can’t let them go that easily right?

With Facebook, we can also setup a lead ad instead of driving them to a specific website.  A lead ad is simply a form that pops up when they click on our ad.  They enter their name and email address to receive further information about your home.  This is all about finding buyers that are genuinely interested in your home so that we can follow up with them, provide all the information they need, and close the deal for you.  Re-marketing effectively can be time consuming and sometimes costly, but anything we can do to sell your home quicker and at a higher price is always a viable option.

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