Attention Sellers…Most Buyers are Shopping Online.

Home Shopping Online

I know this theme is becoming extremely redundant in my blog, but new articles from different sources keep popping up and driving the point home.  An Article in Realtor Magazine is essentially telling real estate agents that they will not be able to generate buyer clients unless they can offer a unique and extraordinary in-person real estate shopping experience.

They say that shopping for homes online is similar to shopping for retail merchandise online.  If Macy’s doesn’t provide free coffee and cookies in their stores, for example, why deal with the hassle of going to the store when you can order a pari of jeans in the comfort of your own home?  Concurrently, if a realtor isn’t providing information that a home shopper can’t find online themselves, why should they even bother hiring a realtor?  What is the realtor really going to do for them? in this case?

Another reason I keep blogging about this is because I agree with it 100%.  Buyers are now savvy internet home shoppers, and realtors do not deserve a buyer’s business unless they are going to work hard and be a valuable asset to the buyer.  Deana and I truly embrace this online home shopping trend for three reasons.

  1. It’s not going away….ever.
  2. Deana and I are equipped with information and skills that do create a unique real estate shopping experience for buyers.
  3. Since buyers are shopping online, we can use our internet marketing expertise to promote houses for sale to those shoppers.  This makes us an asset to sellers as well.

I’m sure there is still hope for brick-and-mortar retailers as long as they can do something to entice shoppers into the stores.  Similarly, there will always be a need for realtors that are willing to work hard and tap into the knowledge and resources only they have access to.  If they can get creative and make the in-person home shopping experience an exciting and lucrative one, then realtors will prevail.  For those realtors that want to simply go through the motions and collect a check at closing….good luck.