Why Did We Become Realtors?



We Knew We Would be Exceptional 

We can provide a higher level of service to home buyers and sellers than any other realtor in Boca Raton due to specific business, organizational, sales/marketing, and customer service skills we obtained through our previous professional careers.  These skills transfer seamlessly to our real estate business, and enable us to provide our clients with a more lucrative and enjoyable experience.   

For example, Deana’s successful track record and popularity in the interior design and staging markets is a huge added benefit to our clients.  Sellers with empty or cluttered homes will be able to sell their homes faster and at a higher price by incorporating some of Deana’s staging tips.  Meanwhile, Deana’s interior design talent allows her to help a buyer visualize the potential of a home during a showing.

We’re Immersed in it Anyway

We had an epiphany one day when we suddenly realized that a lot of tv shows we watch, the articles we read,  and the conversations we have with friends and colleagues revolve around Boca Raton homes and the Real Estate Market.  We have a genuine interest in real estate.  You’ll always be successful, if you love what you do right?  It’s certainly a bit cliche’ but true no?

Check out our About Us and Marketing Your Home pages for more info on what we bring to the table as realtors.  If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 561-445-1846, or email at gilbertbocarealtors@gmail.com, or by submitting our contact form.  I can assure you that contacting us does not obligate you in any way.  

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