Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia….Who Has More Visitors?

Zillow, Trullia, and Realtor.com

Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia are the top 3 home listing websites, and they are constantly battling for the top spot.  Zillow has the highest number of visitors to their site, while Realtor.com and Trulia come in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Trulia used to be in the 2nd spot, but Realtor.com recently surpassed Trulia in visitors probably due to being acquired by NewsCorp.  Having a higher number of visitors to the site is a big deal, because it means that realtors and other real estate professionals should obviously allocate more of their advertising dollars to the site with the most visitors.

These somewhat new user-friendly online real estate resources are very useful for people that want to buy and/or sell homes without hiring a realtor.  Buyers can find properties they like without driving around aimlessly looking for “For Sale” signs in front yards.  Sellers can’t directly list their homes on the MLS, but they can list them on these websites, which are seen by thousands of potential buyers every day.

It does make you wonder, who needs a realtor?  Some realtors undoubtedly worry about this, but internet marketing savvy realtors like myself truly have nothing to worry about.  The fact is, listing a home on Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia is hardly scratching the surface when it comes to marketing and selling a home with the goal of getting the absolute most for it.  There are so many more resources I would use to market a house.  Along with the list of resources on this page, I have also become a Google Guru.  Homebuyers invariably use Google search to find homes in their area more than anything else, and I have learned the proper way to display a seller’s home at the top of the first page of Google for specific search terms a homebuyer would use to find homes.  Using all of the resources shown on the marketing page of this website, along with the optimal Google placement, I can put a seller in a position to resource more offers in a shorter amount of time.

With regard to buyers, a home listing on Zillow may not tell the complete story of the house, the neighborhood, school district, or many other important factors buyers consider when purchasing a home.  A real estate agent who is experienced and knowledgable about his or her region can help buyers negotiate through the massive amount of pictures and data on Zillow, and pinpoint the perfect house for the buyer client.

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