Florida Real Estate: The Number One Choice For International Buyers

International Homebuyers

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) just released a report showing that more international home buyers purchase property in Florida than any other state by a long shot.  in fact, 25% of US homes purchased by foreign home buyers were in Florida.  The report only considers those foreign home buyers that are non-US citizens.  The report also indicated that 69% of florida realtors have at east one international client.  In particular, there was a huge increase of homes purchased by Latin American home buyers.

This is nothing new, and the percentage of international sales in Florida actually decreased in 2015 when compared to 2014.  I don’t think the drop is a function of foreigners losing interest in Florida real estate, but rather a stronger dollar has made it more expensive for them to do it.  The demand for Florida real estate will always be there, but international buyers may wait for the dollar to dip back down.

As a Realtor® in Boca Raton, I welcome international buyers to our market.  Whether they are buying property to live or vacation here, or if the property is an investment, it’s all very positive.

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