Coming Back from Foreclosure?

Boomerang Buyers

Seven years ago, Florida was ranked first in the United States with regard to home foreclosures do to the recession.  In the years following the recession, people suffered from balloon mortgages and being upside-down in their homes.  Even worse, bad credit from foreclosures and short-sales has made it difficult for boomerang buyers to buy new homes again.  I’m sure many of them are even reluctant to even get back in the real estate market out of fear that it may happen to them again.

Mortgage brokers and banks are willing to counsel these buyers and help them get a mortgage on a new home.  How can a buyer find a mortgage broker or lender like that?  A Realtor.  Real estate agents never turn down a potential customer, so a good real estate agent can put boomerang buyers in contact with specific mortgage brokers and lenders that provide said services.

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